PS 161 Hosts Manhattan Debate Tournament

Last Saturday, PS 161 hosted our first middle school tournament of the year.  Thank you to Mr. Beattie and his incredible debaters, all our volunteers, parents, staff and everyone for making our first tournament such a success!  Congratulations to all participating students!

Top Team Awards

Top Speaker Awards

Top Schools Awards


1st Place – Hunter

2nd Place – Speyer Legacy School

3rd Place – Salk School of Science

4th Place – Anderson School

5th Place – SA Harlem East

6th Place – PS 161

7th Place – Berkeley Carroll

8th Place – IS 230 Magnet School for Civics

9th Place – The Computer School

10th Place – South Orangetown

11th Place – SA Harlem West

12th Place – Inwood Academy for Leadership


1st Place – Samuel Ahn (Hunter)

2nd Place – Matthew Xing (Hunter)

3rd Place – Vivian Fang (Anderson School)

4th Place – Emily Levitz (Salk School)

5th Place – Tiago Gonzalez (Speyer Legacy)

6th Place – Shaye Martin (Speyer Legacy)

7th Place – Max Li (Hunter)

8th Place – Charlotte Ritz-Jack (Speyer Legacy)

9th Place – Graham Stuard (Salk School)

10th Place – Andrew Grinzayd (Salk School)


1st Place – Sara Stebbins (Anderson School)

2nd Place – Joseph Yu (Anderson School)

3rd Place – Kristoff Misquitta (Anderson School)

4th Place – Helena Milburn (Anderson School)

5th Place – Yoheidy Felize (Speyer Legacy)

6th Place – Jenna Mackenroth (Speyer Legacy)

7th Place – Souvann Hunter (SA Harlem East)

8th Place – Kate Gomez (SA Harlem East)

9th Place – Hannah Heeger (Computer School)

10th Place – Angel Ravelo (SA Harlem East)


1st Place (Undefeated) – Leo Greenberg, Forrest Bicker, Matthew Xing (Hunter)

2nd Place (Undefeated) – Felix Roz, Nate Kruger, Teddy Tawil (Hunter)

3rd Place (Undefeated)  – Emily Levitz, Zoe Woolrich, Christy Hwang (Salk School)

4th Place (Undefeated) – Jackson Trader, Theo Green, Andrew Eastwick (Salk School)

5th Place (Undefeated) – Max Li and Samuel Ahn (Hunter)

6th Place – Jaclyn Josephson, Cahrlotte Ritz-Jack, Shaye Martin (Speyer Legacy)

7th Place – Caitlyn King, Vivian Fang, Pratham Rabat (Anderson School)

8th Place – Lance James, Andreas Pasahos, Jeremy Kim (Hunter)

9th Place – Lucas Stettner, Morgan Seaburg, Ethan Nanavati (Salk School)

10th Place – Anan Abrar, David Solecki, Eric Luo (Hunter)


1st Place (Undefeated) – Sara Stebbins, Kristoff Misquitta and Joseph Yu (Anderson)

2nd Place (Undefeated) – Jose Burgos, Troy Henry and Jeniyah

Martinez (PS 161)

3rd Place (Undefeated) – Jenna Mackenroth and Yoheidy Felize (Spreyer)

4th Place (Undefeated) – Helena Milburn and Naomi Schwartzburt (Anderson)

5th Place (Undefeated) – Madeline and Victor (Spreyer)

6th Place – Angel Ravelo, Kate Gomez and Souvann

Hunter (Success Academy Harlem East)

7th Place – Matylda Urbaniak, Jason Lam and Monserrate NavarroGarzon (Anderson School)

8th Place – Danisha Peguero, Indonesia Omega and

Adam Senhaji (Success Academy Harlem East)

9th Place – Rodel Perez, Amyalyn Centeno and Linton

Davis (Success Academy Harlem East)

10th Place – Jorge Chavarria, Taina Carbuccia and Ashley

Michel (Inwood Academy)