Manhattan Celebrates First Middle School Tournament!

October: Resolved: Resolved: On balance, public subsidies for professional athletic organizations in the United States benefit their local communities.  Thank you to Coach David Dash and the Institute for Collaborative Education for hosting and an incredible Tournament.  Thank you to Tournament Staff – Peter Berard, Christinia Bermudez, Tiara Moultrie, Brian Mason, Sorangel Liriano, Celines Berrora, and our CUNY staff! Thank you also to Kassi and New York Cares for making everything possible!  Congratulations to ICE for winning the Advanced Public Forum Debate division, Berkeley Carroll for winning the Beginner Policy Debate Division and Hawtree Creek Middle School for winning the Beginner Public Forum Debate Division. Congrats to ICE for winning the top sweepstakes award.  Click here for tournament results!


Advanced Public Forum Debate Top Team Awards
1st Place – Jules Walzer-Goldfield and Zayaan Shariff (Institute for Collaborative Education)
2nd Place – Stefan Walzer-Goldfeld and Zayaan Shariff (institute for Collaborative Education)
3rd Place – Gerald Jeter and Sulaiman Khan (Frederick Douglas Academy)

Beginners Public Forum Debate Top Team Awards
1st Place – Justin Ali and Faraaz Ali (MS 297 Hawtree Creek Middle School)
2nd Place – Gregario Cruz and Prescilla Narain (KAPPA VI Eagle)
3rd Place – Oluwaseu Olatunbosun and Elise Slaughter (KAPPA VI Eagle)
4th Place – Claire Buchanan and Liberty Lehr (Institute for Collaborative Education)
5th Place – The Spaedelle and Dylan James (Institute for Collaborative Education)
6th Place – Genesis Bussey and Mira Mehta (NYC Debate Club)
7th Place – Genesis Logan and Katrice Armirez (Frederick Douglas Academy VIII)
8th Place – Jadida Boodram and Dayna-Leigh Hudson (MS 297 Hawtree Creek Middle School)
9th Place – Joanis Arthur and Yanely Pena (The Equity Project Charter School)
10th Place – Oliver Owens and Shyquan Howell (Democracy Prep Endurance Middle School)

Beginners Policy Debate Top Team Awards
1st Place – Dakota Champagne and Lisette McShane (Berkeley Carroll)
2nd Place – Saul Vargas and Davon Collins (KIPP Academy)
3rd Place – Travell Frnacis and Kalanie Best (KIPP Academy)
4th Place – Kaya Middleton and Zola Gray (Institute for Collaborative Education)

Team Sweepstakes Awards
1st Place – Institute for Collaborative Education
2nd Place – KIPP Academy
3rd Place – Frederick Douglas Academy
4th Place – KAPPA VI Eagles
5th Place – MS 297 Hawtree Creek Middle School
6th Place – NYC Debate Club
7th Place – Democracy Prep Endurance Middle School
8th Place – The Equity Project Charter School
9th Place – Berkeley Carroll