Louis Vuitton & NYC Debate Team Up to Celebrate Arts & Humanities Month!

Louis Vuitton supports numerous arts and humanities programs across the country year round.  Louis Vuitton also partners up with the White House, National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institute for Museum and Library Services to recognize the top after school programs in the arts and humanities every year.  And October is particularly special because October is “Arts and Humanities Month” which Louis Vuitton promotes throughout the country to celebrate all our country’s artists!  And so each October the New York City Urban Debate League sponsors a debate tournament on the arts and humanities.  On October 16th, all our participating schools were invited to Louis Vuitton for an evening public debate, presentation, and dinner.  Over 40 participants were at the event!  And three of our schools – KIPP Academy, Berkeley Caroll, and Harlem West Academy debated!  It was a unique debate format because usually at each tournament one school debates one school, but for this special debate event we had hybrid teams consisting of debaters for different schools!  It was fantastic to see so many debaters working together on the issues and to see so many of our speech and debate artists celebrate the Arts and Humanities.  Thank you again to all our schools, students, and teachers.  Thank You to Coach Maria Williams for moderating the debate!  Thank you KIPP Academy, Harlem Success Academy, Frederick Douglas Academy, MS 101, MS 328, Berkeley Carrol, JHS 144, PS/MS 57, and the Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice! And shout outs to October – Arts and Humanities Month!  And thank you so much to Louis Vuitton for hosting the event and sponsoring so many incredible arts and humanities organizations across the country.