Debate Night @ Kirkland & Ellis!

Huge shout outs to our 30+ participants in Debate Night @ Kirkland and Ellis.  Our novice and varsity debaters addressed the topic on Resolved: Civil Disobedience is justified in a democracy.  Thank you so much to Kirkland & Ellis for hosting our Great Debaters for a wonderful evening of debates, networking, mentoring, food and fun!  Thank you especially to all organizers of this event – Melinda Alankar, Maria Davalos, Atif Khawaja, and Adam Stern! We look forward to a incredible partnership to bring the best law education opportunities to all students in New York City!  Finally, a huge shout out to all our Schools and Debaters For Participating! :

The Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice

Stephanie Castillo

Celines Berrora

Starr Arroyo

Erika Marte

Geordano Liriano

Yaira Brito

Sorangel Liriano

Betty Mahmud

Monica Benivedes

Justin Woods

jasmine hardy

Aliza Near

Ibrahima Sene

Achievement First Charter High School

Rae Anne Clarke

Aiyana Alfred

Imani Best

Lindsay Henson

All City Leadership

Ms. Lewis

Jose Rosario

Destinee Casimiro

Chantelly medina

Brittney Greene

Silvia Nunez

Tonny Zambrano

Skylah Estevez

Stacey Murray

Benjamin Banneker

Ms. Vaughn

Maryam Khan

Joseph Bernard

Querey Triunfel

Keyona Bellony

Sharyn Jean-Baptiste

Chrisitna Mangroo

Anita Kamal