Debate Night at Macquarie!

Debate Night at Macquarie! Thank you to Achievement First, Bronx Law, and Benjamin Banneker for participating! What better judge for debates on Latin American economic policy reform than a leading firm in international finance! Shout outs to the National Association for Urban Debate Leaguesfor setting up the event! Shout outs to our panel of judges from Macquarie!  It was an incredible night of debate, mentoring, judging and learning from each other!  We had two debates hosted simultaneously.  One debate was on Latin American economic policy reform and more specifically should we continue the Cuban Trade Embargo.  The other debate event was on environmental sustainability versus economic growth.  Both rounds were very very close decisions for our panel of judges from Macquarie. Thank you to all our participants and thank you so much to our hosts, the National Association of Urban Debate Leagues and Macquarie!  Thank You! – Erik