CANADA versus NYC Debate!


Editors Note: On March 9th, history in New York City with the city’s first Canada versus New York City Debate Exchange!  An incredible and inspiring evening of debates, workshops, dinner and meeting with our Canadian fellow debaters!  We wanted to share this great post from our Canadian neighbors on their experience in New York City –

Monday, March 9, 2015 – By: Maria F, Allard ’15

Members of Brentwood’s debate team made their way through the streets of NYC to a debate tournament after four long days of NHSMUN. The debate tournament consisted of teams from all over the city, from Manhattan to the Bronx; as the only team from outside of the city, and the only international team, we were warmly welcomed with smiles,  questions like “do you ride polar bears?” and “why do you speak English if you’re from Canada?”. 

“The resolution is… ‘THW give greater financial aid to those majoring in STEM subjects” exclaimed the super-duper enthusiastic host in a neon blue shirt.  He added to this, as if it were an unimportant afterthought, “also, you will now be in mixed teams with people from other schools”.

Taking up this challenge, we met with our new partners, collaborated, shared our knowledge on different debating styles, and became just as passionate on battling a war with words as our host. As this was a friendly tournament, the judges in each room gave constructive feedback but did not declare the winning sides. 

Top Overall Team gold medals went to Brentwood College School… and every other school.

Unlike our usual cold hard competitive outlook on debate, we learnt a lot about cooperation and enthusiasm, and how it makes us all winners (at least in NYC). We also learnt the magic of boneless chicken wings. Yum.

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Bryant and Ms. MacInnis who forced us to debate, even though we were tired! Thanks to them, we went from being whining wimps to whooing winners!

 Maria F, Allard ’15